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After graduating from UCL in ’03 with a Degree in Statistics & Economics, I accidentally became a tax adviser for a wealth management firm in London (well actually there were two: XY and the FIRM). Following a number of failed attempts to escape, I finally quit in ’12 and left to see the world; hoping to find some answers about what to do next.

If my parents had their way, I’d be married, working for Goldman Sachs and living in Chelsea. But having blown most of my savings travelling, I’m currently single (sounds better than divorced), ‘in between jobs’ and freeloading at their place until I sell enough copies of my book to move out. I guess I didn’t find those answers.

However I did rediscover my passion for storytelling. And buoyed by fellow travellers, I decided to make the leap from pub raconteur to ‘writer’, setting up this site in May ’13.

Initially a blueprint for How to LOSE a GIRL in 10 Ways, it continues to grow and when I’m not trying (and failing) to pick-up women, I’m adding new stories to the site. As and when I can be arsed.

Are my stories unique? Maybe. Maybe not. But either way, how many people do you know who would be comfortable admitting to the world that they shit their pants in KFC or tried to nail a hooker in their colleague’s flat whilst she was asleep? I thought as much.

Note; Sean Smithson is a pen name. Being Tamil it’s far easier to pronounce than my real one but more importantly, this way, my parents will hopefully never find out what I’m truly like!

100 comments on “About

  1. Trent Lewin
    6th January 15

    Dude, are you still out there??? I hope this means that the book is doing well or at least getting you the attention you deserve. In the meantime, was thinking on you, especially as Julie mentioned you in her guest post:

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    • Ann St. Vincent
      14th January 15

      Trent, it’s funny I just came here to see if he’d updated anything… and realized that Sean must be how I met you. xo


      • Trent Lewin
        16th January 15

        That could very well be, Ann… I miss the guy. I hope he’s off cavorting in a better place and following up on his fairly big dreams… the man deserves it.


  2. MeglyMc
    3rd February 15

    Dude, are you fucking dead? You better not be fucking dead. If you’re fucking dead, I’m going to fucking kill you. Twice.


  3. lifeasapotpourri
    19th January 16

    Hey this is such a cool blog!!!! Glad to have stumbled upon ur blog…:)


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